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North Pas de Calais
North Pas de Calais

Only two hours from Paris, London or Brussels, discover the 120 kilometres of fine sandy beaches, sand dunes and cliffs that stretch along the Côte d’Opale from Calais to Berck-sur-Mer.

Along the way stop and see the charming fishing villages like Audresselles or Wissant and the seaside resorts with their Anglo-Norman style villas like Wimereux, Hardelot or Le Touquet Paris-Plage.
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Guide Gay Guesthouse North Pas de Calais

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Guesthouse guide
Le Patio d'Eric
Eric & Eric

Gay Friendly Guesthouse - Aubigny-au-Bac
from 65 €

Chateau de Moulin le Comte

Gay Friendly Guesthouse - Aire-Sur-La-Lys
from 79 €

45 gantois

Gay Only Guesthouse - Lille
from 40 €

La Villa Anémone
André & Frank Hagemann

Gay Friendly Guesthouse - Berck
from 60 €

Chambres d'hôtes à Malo Les Bains
Gerard & Yoann

Gay Friendly Guesthouse - Malo les Bains
from 70 €

Le Clos Dessyag
Didier & Rodrigue

Gay Friendly Guesthouse - Montcavrel
from 60 €

La Maison Lilloise
Guillaume & Harold

Gay Friendly Guesthouse - Lille
from 50 €

La Solette Zen
David & Didier

Gay Friendly Guesthouse - Hauteville
from 65 €