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Situated just 30 min south of Catalonia's capital, Barcelona, this charming coastal town has been attracting gay men and women for decades thanks to its mediterranean climate which guarantees sunshine on most days of the year, it also has a large number of golden sandy beaches (including 3 nudist beaches), a tolerant and friendly atmosphere, and a vast number of bars, guesthouses, restaurants, hotels and other businesses catering exclusively for gay clientele. Most restaurants and clubs are conveniently gathered around Carrer de Parelladas.
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There are 4 accommodations in the Sitges guide

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Accommodation in Sitges
Casa Max et Maurice

Max & Maurice

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 110 €

Parrots Sitges Hotel

Hotel Gay Friendly
From 75 €

Penthouse Sitges 2/4 pers


Holiday rental Gay Friendly
From 150 €

In the Heart of Sitges

Frédéric & Julien

Holiday rental Gay Only
From 72 €

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