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A key place of the Middle Ages, cradle of the Renaissance, the Loire Valley has successfully preserved the breathtaking works created at this cultural crossroads. A visit to the Loire Valley is like taking a trip back to a time when royalty ruled, as you'll find some of the most majestic châteaux, Renaissance houses and medieval fortresses in this area. The elaborate décor - ancient furniture, opulent tapestries, crafted staircases, period fireplaces, royal chambers with canopy beds-make each a masterpiece. [ + ]

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There are 32 accommdation in the Gay The Loire Valley Guide

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Accommodation in The Loire Valley
Chambre d'hotes La Ferme du Grand Launay

Nathalie & Nadine

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 65 €

Chateau du Logis

Serge & Luis

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 165 €

Gîte au Cœur des Châteaux
Chambon sur Cisse


Holiday rental Gay and Lesbian only
From 85 €

La Blinerie

Benoit & Martial

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 110 €

En Sologne location de Bungalows & Camping pour tentes - MASSAGES - SPA 7 places GRATUIT
La Ferté Beauharnais


Campsite pitch Gay Friendly
From 9 €

Côté Loire Auberge Ligérienne

Thierry & Laurent

Hotel Gay Friendly
From 59 €

La Gentil'hommière
Chaumont sur Tharonne


Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 55 €

Chateau de La-Celle-Guenand

Stephane & Mikael

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 100 €

Le Grand Monarque
Azay le rideau

Eric & Laurent

Hotel Gay Friendly
From 90 €

La Chimère

Monica Robert

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 75 €