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La Reunion

In the midst of the Indian Ocean, a small French land is labouring at shaking off all preconceived ideas about tropical islands. Sure, there are coconut trees and beaches in Reunion, the turquoise blue lagoons and the white barrier reef are there waiting for you to fulfil your exotic dreams. The tour begins in the lower part of town and the "Barachois." Evocative street names : "rue du Mât-de-Pavillon" (Flagpole House Street), "rue du Moulin-à-Vent" (Windmill Street), remind the visitor that there was an attempt to turn ... The local homosexual community and its sympathisers offer a broad range of especially gay and gay-friendly accommodation and leisure possibilities. On Reunion Island, you will appreciate : the accommodation ( hotels, guesthouses,vacation rentals ...) bars, restaurants, night-clubs, and the most popular gay beaches

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Gay & LesbIAN
La Réunion

There are 4 accommodations in the La Réunion guide

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Accommodation in La Réunion
Chambres d'hôtes Villa Chriss
Saint Gilles les Bains

Christine & Christine

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 103 €

La Plantation

Aurélie & Eric

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 110 €

Le Dalon Plage
Les Trois-Bassins

Francois & Christophe

Guesthouse Gay Only
From 45 €

Kaz Océan
Saint Leu

Yves & Stéphane

Holiday rental Gay Friendly
From 80 €

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