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Take a short break in Rhône-Alpes... stroll through 2,000 years of history - delighting in the old towns and savouring what is known locally as the readily-affordable "art of living". Don't miss Lyon, of course, the ancient capital of Roman Gaul and now capital of the region, or St Etienne the "green city" at the foot of the Pilat Natural Park. Relax on the banks of the majestic crystal-clear lake Annecy and take a trip to Chambery, house of the Dukes of Savoy. Then there's the Grenoble, gate of the Alps; and Valence, southern spirit of the region, with the Provencal flavours of its markets. [ + ]

Gay Rhone-Alpes Auvergne

There are 81 accommdation in the Gay Rhone-Alpes Auvergne Guide

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La Croisée des chemins

Cécile & Sandrine

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 85 €

Petit appart privé. calme aux portes de Clermont


Holiday rental Gay Friendly
From 55 €

Chalet Colinn

Elizabeth Chabert & Mylene Charriere

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 99 €

Camping Relais des Brison

Lionel & Thierry

Campsite pitch Gay Friendly
From 12.9 €

Hotel de la principaute de Comborciere - Gay, Lesbian and Straight friendly

Florence de Comborciere

Hotel Gay and Lesbian only
From 78 €

les Garçonnières du Sancy
Le Mont-Dore

Olivier & Denis

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 70 €

La Closerie

François & Thierry

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 60 €

Cottage le Mazet de Lacoste 2/4 pers.
St Sauveur de Cruzières

Eric & François

Holiday rental Gay Friendly
From 43 €

Loft Lyon
Lyon 4e

Jacky Martinon

Holiday rental Gay Only
From 100 €

La Maison de Famille
Boen sur Lignon


Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 50 €

Gay Provence Events & Calendar
La Devinière La Devinière
Guesthouse - Montelimar and The Southern Drome - Gay Friendly

Low season between 1st of May and 14 of June; and 1st until 30 of September. High season between 15 of June and 31 of August. [+]