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Clermont-Ferrand & Puy-de-Dôme guide
Le Puit de Dome

Clermont-Ferrand can also form the starting point for a number of tours to some of the most interesting tourism attractions in the Auvergne. Easily accessible for whole or half-day excursions which include lakes, volcanoes, towns and castles, all sources of pride and fame for the region, not forgetting the warm and hearty local cuisine.

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Gay & LesbIAN
Clermont-Ferrand & Puy-de-Dôme

There are 9 accommodations in the Clermont-Ferrand & Puy-de-Dôme guide

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Accommodation in Clermont-Ferrand & Puy-de-Dôme
Divin Mélange

Serge & Christophe

Guesthouse Gay Only
From 100 €

Gîte du Clos 2 pers.
Saint Marcel en Marcillat


Holiday rental Gay Friendly
From 65 €

Gîte Le Capucin
Le Mont-Dore

Olivier & Denis

Holiday rental Gay Friendly
From 110 €

Datcha Anastasia
Besse-Saint Anastaise

Joël & Gérard

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 65 €

les Garçonnières du Sancy
Le Mont-Dore

Olivier & Denis

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 70 €

Bed and Breakfast and holiday rental Rochemulet
Sainte Agathe

Sophie & Ariane

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 75 €

La Ferme du Garnasson

Fabrice & Roland

Guesthouse Gay Friendly
From 58 €

Gîte Etape Rochemulet
Sainte Agathe

Sophie & Ariane

Holiday rental Gay Friendly
From 37 €

Petit appart privé. calme aux portes de Clermont


Holiday rental Gay Friendly
From 55 €

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Divin Mélange Divin Mélange
Guesthouse - Clermont-Ferrand & Puy-de-Dôme - Gay Only

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